We are looking for like-minded candidates to join us in the following positions:


Part-time Instructors / Facilitators


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Train and engage students with Coding and Robotics
  • Impart knowledge of STEM concepts according to the lesson plan.
  • Help students to learn problem solving skills in logical thinking through Coding & Robotics lesson.
  • Diligent in preparation of lessons
  • Contribute and share teaching best practices with other trainers in the team
  • Duties may extend beyond the classroom e.g. Roadshows,



  • Diploma or Bachelor Degree, preferably in Computer Science, Engineering or Science.
  • MOE-registered is a plus.
  • Possess good communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to deliver the learning principles and the objectives of the lesson.
  • Must be passionate in training young students between 5-12 years old.
  • Good class management, know how to handle students well.
  • Able to communicate patiently with young students.


If you do not have some of the above requisites, but are passionate about teaching young students, we welcome you to join us as well! Training will be provided for all new joiners.


Please submit your application with an appropriate cover letter and CV (stating your educational background, photo, past working experience, date of availability, etc) to cs@curioussquirrels.sg